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Brisbane Water, Central Coast, NSW

Fishing destination review

Target fish 1: Whiting

Target fish 2: Bream

Fishing style: Lure fishing

Tackle used: Spin

Revisit rating (1-10): 9

Big fish rating (1-10): 7

Fish quantity rating (1-10): 4

Experience rating (1-10): 7

Overall cost rating (1-10): 2

Accommodation used: Local contact

Charter used: Self-guided

Month of visit: November

Days fished: 1

Weather rating (1-10): 10

Reviewer: Ben Sandman

Quick comment: Look for patches of sand among the weedbeds and work surface lures over them. Keep the lure moving and watch as the whiting ‘greyhound’ after it. Keep an eye out for large stingrays when wading the sandflats!

(Key to ratings: 1 – very low > 10 – very high)

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