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Cobourg Peninsula, NT

Fishing destination review

Target fish 1: Queenfish

Target fish 2: Everything!

Fishing style: Lure fishing, Fly fishing

Tackle used: Spin, 9wt

Revisit rating (1-10): 9

Big fish rating (1-10): 8

Fish quantity rating (1-10): 8

Experience rating (1-10): 9

Overall cost rating (1-10): 7

Accommodation used: Safari tents

Charter used: Venture North

Month of visit: September

Days fished: 6

Weather rating (1-10): 8

Reviewer: Steve Starling

Quick comment: The Venture North safari tent camp on Cobourg Penisula offers access to some of Australia’s ‘fishiest’ water and this operation can’t be faulted in terms of food, service and attention to detail. Top notch!

(Key to ratings: 1 – very low > 10 – very high)


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