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Eucumbene River, Snowy Mountains, NSW

Fishing destination review

Target fish 1: Brown trout

Target fish 2: Rainbow trout

Fishing style: Lure fishing, Fly fishing

Tackle used: Spin, 5wt

Revisit rating (1-10): 8

Big fish rating (1-10): 8

Fish quantity rating (1-10): 9

Experience rating (1-10): 9

Overall cost rating (1-10): 8

Accommodation used: Hotel

Charter used: Self-guided

Month of visit: May

Days fished: 2

Weather rating (1-10): 9

Reviewer: Lee Rayner

Quick comment: Incredible fishing for spawn-run trout. Over 150 fish caught in two days between a couple of anglers. Very healthy fish, with a great average size of around 2kg. Rug up, as it’s a very cold time of year!

(Key to ratings: 1 – very low > 10 – very high)

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