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Manton Dam, Darwin, NT

Fishing destination review

Target fish 1: Saratoga

Target fish 2: Barramundi

Fishing style: Lure fishing

Tackle used: Spin and baitcast

Revisit rating (1-10): 7

Big fish rating (1-10): 7

Fish quantity rating (1-10): 6

Experience rating (1-10): 8

Overall cost rating (1-10): 3

Accommodation used: Local contact

Charter used: Local contact

Month of visit: February

Days fished: 1

Weather rating (1-10): 8

Reviewer: Ben Sandman

Quick comment: Easy day-trip from Darwin. Popular destination for waterskiers, although plenty of water to find an area for some relaxing fishing. Saratoga plentiful among the lily pads, with some very large barra reported from the deeper water at times. Home to a resident population of freshwater crocs, with the larger salties regularly finding their way into the dam during the wet season.

(Key to ratings: 1 – very low > 10 – very high)

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