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Seventeen Seventy (1770), Discovery Coast, QLD

Fishing destination review

Target fish 1: Spanish mackerel

Target fish 2: Coral trout

Fishing style: Lure fishing

Tackle used: Spin

Revisit rating (1-10): 8

Big fish rating (1-10): 8

Fish quantity rating (1-10): 8

Experience rating (1-10): 9

Overall cost rating (1-10): 7

Accommodation used: Holiday park

Charter used: Agnes Water / 1770 Bait and Tackle

Month of visit: May

Days fished: 10

Weather rating (1-10): 5

Reviewer: Chris Scurfield

Quick comment: Fantastic land-based fishing in the creeks as well as from the ocean rocks. Even better fishing from a boat over the myriad inshore reefs, for all sorts of pelagic and reef species. Prone to strong winds and rough seas, the spring months generally offer the most stable conditions.

(Key to ratings: 1 – very low > 10 – very high)

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